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National Register: Rhode Island Properties

westerly library
Westerly Library, part of the Wilcox Park Historic District

This list is organized alphabetically by city or town. Within each community, historic districts are listed first, followed by a list of properties that are entered individually. These are arranged alphabetically by their street address.

This list of National Register properties in Rhode Island is not final nor absolute. For more information, email Jeffrey Emidy or call him at (401)222-4134. Or try out the National Register database hosted by the National Park Service (still in development).

You can also look up National Register properties in Rhode Island by searching the RI-NR Property Search. This tool lists every address in National Register Historic Districts.

Most of Rhode Island's National Register nominations (pdf format) are linked to this list; however, not all nominations for archaeological sites are not available through this list. For more information on archaeological sites, please contact archaeologist Charlotte Taylor. If you find a broken or misplaced link, please contact webmaster Sarah Zurier.

Alfred Drowne Road Historic District, along Alfred Drowne Road and Washington Road (6/10/2005)
Barrington Civic Center Historic District, County Road (12/12/76)
Jenny’s Lane Historic District, Jenny’s Lane, Matthewson & Rumstick Rds (3/06/08)
O'Bannon Mill/Collins & Aikman Mill, 90 Bay Spring Avenue (7/23/96)
Saint Matthew's Episcopal Church, 5 Chapel Road (8/22/91)
Allen West House, 153 George Street (12/3/13)
Belton Court/Frederick S. Peck Estate, Middle Highway (6/30/76)
Nayatt Point Lighthouse, Nayatt Point (2/25/88)
Benjamin S. Jackson House, 115 Nayatt Road (9/19/08)

Bristol Waterfront Historic District, bounded, approximately, on the west by Bristol Harbor; on the north by Washington Street and Bay View Avenue; on the east by Wood Street; on the south by Walley Street (3/18/75)
Poppasquash Farms Historic District, between Route 114 and Narragansett Bay (6/27/80)
Bristol County Jail, 48 Court Street (4/24/73)
Blithewold, Ferry Road (6/27/80)
Bristol Ferry Lighthouse, Ferry Road (2/25/88)
Bristol County Court House, High Street (4/28/70)
Bristol Customs House and Post Office, between 420 and 448 Hope Street (5/31/72)
Joseph Reynolds House, 956 Hope Street (5/31/72) NHL 1983
Benjamin Church Home/Benjamin Church Home for Aged Men, 1014 Hope Street (9/22/83)
Longfield/Charles Dana Gibson House, 1200 Hope Street (7/17/72)
Mount Hope Farm/Governor William Bradford House, Metacom Avenue (5/2/77)
Mount Hope Bridge, Route 114 (Bristol and Portsmouth) (1/3/76)
Juniper Hill Cemetery, 24 Sherry Avenue (6/3/98)

Harrisville Mill Village Historic District, roughly bounded by Wood and Sherman Roads, East Avenue, Main, Chapel, School and River Streets (3/21/84)
Oakland Historic District, Alice, Remington and Whipple Avenues, Victory Highway, Maple Lane, Mill, Pond, River and School Streets (9/9/87)
Esten-Bowen House, 299 Iron Mine Road (12/30/11)
Moses Taft House, 111 East Wallum Lake Road (3/20/09)
Bridgeton School, 16 Laurel Hill Avenue
Pascoag Grammar School, 265 Sayles Avenue (11/21/06)

Central Falls Mill Historic District, between Roosevelt Avenue and Blackstone River (4/6/79); boundary increase (1/29/18)
South Central Falls Historic District, roughly bounded by Rand, Summit, Dexter and Broad Streets (1/31/91)
Jenks Park and Cogswell Tower, adjoining 580 Broad Street to the north (9/22/72)
Valley Falls Mill Complex, Broad Street and the Blackstone River (4/26/78)
Valley Falls Mill Complex Office and Bathhouse (Amendment), 1359 & 1361 Broad Street (12/12/78)
American Supply Company Building , 1420 Broad Street (4/24/17)
Central Street School, 379 Central Street (8/6/79)
Samuel B. Conant House
, 104 Clay Street (4/6/79)
Benjamin F. Greene House
, 85 Cross Street (4/6/79)
St. Matthew's Church
, Dexter & West Hunt Street (4/6/79)
Holy Trinity Church Complex, 134 Fuller Avenue (1/3/78)
Central Falls Congregational Church, 376 High Street (7/12/76)
David G. Fales House, 476 High Street (4/6/79)
Conant Thread Company Mills, bounded by Pine, Conant, Carpenter, Coleman, Beecher Streets, and Lonsdale Avenue in Pawtucket; Lonsdale Avenue, Rand and Pine Streets in Central Falls (Pawtucket and Central Falls) (11/18/83) text | images

Carolina Village Historic District, following Rhode Island Route 112 from its intersection with Shannock Hill Road on the north to its intersection with Route 91 on the south (Charlestown and Richmond) (5/2/74)
Historic Village of the Narragansett Indians, contained within the area bounded by Routes 2 and 112 on the east, Route 1 on the south, King's Factory Road on the west, and Route 91 on the north (5/7/73)
Shannock Village Historic District, Main Street, North Shannock Road, and West Shannock Road (Charlestown and Richmond) (8/4/83)
Sheffield House, Beach Neck Road (1/1/76)
Fort Ninigret/The Niantic Fort, Fort Neck Road (4/28/70)
Babcock House, Main Street, Quonochontaug (1/1/76)
Indian Burial Ground, Narrow Lane (4/28/70)
District Schoolhouse #2, Old Post Road (1/4/80)
Joseph Stanton House/Wilcox Tavern and General Stanton Monument, Post Road (1/11/80)
Joseph Jeffrey House, Town House Road, off Rhode Island Route 112 (3/8/78)
*Foster Cove Archaeological Site (RI-CH-2), vicinity of U.S. Route 1 (5/6/80)

Anthony Village Historic District, Washington Street, (between Battey Street and Hazard Street), and various properties on 12 adjacent streets and the Pawtuxet River (9/20/10)
*Carbuncle Hill Archaeological District, (RI-1072 thru RI-1079), Plainfield Pike (9/28/85)
Hopkins Hollow/Roaring Brook Historic District, (2/10/2010)
Pawtuxet Valley Dyeing Company, 9 Howard Avenue (11/16/05)
Rice City Historic District, Plainfield Pike and Vaughn Hollow Road (6/9/80)
Rice City Historic District-Boundary Increase, 2172 Plainfield Pike (5/25/00)
South Main Street Historic District, Cady, South Main, and Wood Streets (7/10/87)
Read School, 1670 Flat River Road (3/20/02)
Wilson-Winslow House/Windy Parks Farm, 2414 Harkney Hill Road (11/4/93)
Arkwright Bridge, Hill Street (Coventry and Cranston) (7/24/74)
Harris Mill, 618 Main Street (7/27/07)
Isaac Bowen House, Maple Valley Road at Route 102 (6/27/80)
Waterman Tavern, Maple Valley Road (12/12/78)
*Moosup River Site (RI-1153), Nicholas Road (12/10/87)
Christopher Rhodes Greene House, 2 Potter Court (8/30/07)     
William Waterman House/Potter-Hall-Moore House, Route 102 (11/14/80)
Interlaken Mill Bridge, off Route 115 (5/1/78)
Paine House, Station Street (5/1/74)
General Nathaniel Greene Homestead, 50 Taft Street (10/7/71) NHL 1973
Joseph Briggs House/Coventry Town Farm, Town Farm Road (6/18/87)

Historic and Architectural Resources of the Edgewood Neighborhood MPS (9/10/10)
Edgewood Historic District—Aberdeen Plat, Berwick Lane, Chiswick Road, Sefton Drive, Strathmore Place, Strathmore Road, and ports of Broad Street and Narragansett Boulevard (11/22/16)
Edgewood Historic District—Anstis Greene Estate Plats, Anstis St, Birchfield Rd, Bluff Ave, Broad St, Hall Pl, Kensington Rd (8/3/15)
Edgewood Historic District—Arnold Farm Plat, Arnold, Albert, Columbia Aves: Parts of Broad St, Pawtuxet Ave, Narragansett Blvd, (9/10/10)
Edgewood Historic District—Sally Greene Homestead Plats, Fairview Avenue, Glen Avenue, Harbour Terrace, Hudson Place, Massasoit Avenue, and portions of Broad Street and Narragansett Boulevard, (11/22/16)
Edgewood Historic District—Shaw Plat, Shaw & Marion Aves., parts of Narragansett Blvd. & Broad Street, (3/27/13)
Edgewood Historic District—Taft Estate Plat, bounded roughly by Windsor Road, Narragansett Bay, Circuit Drive, and Broad Street (10/24/03) boundary increase (12/22/14)
Furnace Hill Brook Historic and Archaeological District, Phenix Avenue and Hope Road (8/6/80)
Lippitt Hill Historic District, Burlingame and Hope Roads, and Lippitt Avenue (3/2/89)
Norwood Avenue Historic District, Norwood Avenue (4/26/02)
Oak Lawn Village Historic District/Oaklawn, Wilbur Avenue, from Natick Road to Oaklawn Avenue (11/25/77)
Pawtuxet Village Historic District, bounded easterly on Narragansett Bay; southerly on the Pawtuxet Cove, Bayside Avenue, and South Fair Street; westerly on South Atlantic Avenue; and northerly on the Pawtuxet River and Ocean Avenue (Cranston and Warwick) (4/24/73)
Governor Sprague Mansion/William Sprague House, 1351 Cranston Street (2/18/71)
Niles Westcott House/Westcote, 101 Mountain Laurel Drive (8/3/88)
Rosedale Apartments, 1180 Narragansett Boulevard
Potter Remington House, 571 Natick Avenue (12/12/78)
Knightsville Meeting House/Knightsville-Franklin Congregational Church, 67 Phenix Avenue (3/8/78)
Arad Wood House, 407 Pontiac Avenue (8/3/88)
Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet Ballroom and Gazebo, Rhodes Place (12/12/78)
Nathan Westcott House, 150 Scituate Avenue (1/5/89)
Joy Homestead/Job Joy House, 156 Scituate Avenue (12/12/78)
Sheldon House, 458 Scituate Avenue (1/5/89)
Edgewood Yacht Club, 3 Shaw Avenue (2/23/89)
Thomas Fenner House, 43 Stony Acre Drive (3/2/90)

Arnold Mills Historic District, Nate Whipple Highway and Abbott Run Valley Road (12/28/78)
Ashton Historic District, portions of Mendon Road, Scott Road, Old Angell Road, Store Hill Road, Front Street, and Middle Street (11/1/84)
Berkeley Mill Village Historic District, bounded by Martin Street, Mendon Road, the railroad right-of-way, and a cemetery (2/23/72)
Lonsdale Historic District, bounded by Lonsdale Avenue, Front, Main, Cook, Grant and School Streets (in Lincoln); Broad, Mill, Cross and Blackstone Streets, Blackstone Court, and Main Street (in Cumberland)) (Cumberland and Lincoln) (5/25/84)
*Furnace Carolina Site (RI-2045), on Abbott Run (5/10/93)
Tower-Flagg Barn Complex, 100 Abbott Run Valley Road (5/20/98)
Metcalf-Franklin Farm, 142 Abbott Run Valley Road
Sassafrass Archaeological Site (RI-55), Albion Road (11/1/84)
Patterson Brothers House & Store, 159 Broad Street (6/10/93)
Whipple-Jenckes House, 2500 Diamond Hill Road (11/5/92)
Naushon Company Plant, 32 Meeting Street, (12/13/16)
St. Joseph's Church Complex, 1301-1317 Mendon Road (8/12/82)
Lewis Tower House, 2199 Mendon Road (8/30/82)
Luke Jillson House, 2510 Mendon Road (8/12/82)
Burlingame-Noon House, 3261 Mendon Road (2/15/74)
Cole Farm, Reservoir Road (8/16/77)
Ballou-Weatherhead House, Tower Hill Road (6/25/93)

East Greenwich Historic District, bounded on the east by Greenwich Cove; on the south by London Street; on the south and west on Peirce Street; on the north by Division Street (East Greenwich and Warwick) (6/13/74)
Fry's Hamlet Historic District, South County Trail (12/20/85)
Tillinghast Road Historic District, Frenchtown and Tillinghast Roads (3/9/88)
*Tillinghast Mill Site (RI-1649), off Frenchtown Road (3/10/88)
Armory of the Kentish Guards, Armory and Peirce Streets (4/28/70)
Windmill Cottage, 144 Division Street (5/22/73)
Massie Station, 1300 Frenchtown Road (10/22/02)
Clement Weaver House, 125 Howland Road (11/7/95)
Kent County Court House, 127 Main Street (4/28/70)
Colonel Micah Whitmarsh House/John Reynolds House/Brick House, 294 Main Street (2/18/71)
Spencer-Shippee-Lillbridge House, 12 Middle Road (4/20/11)
General James Mitchell Varnum House, 57 Peirce Street (8/12/71)
Richard Briggs Farm, 830 South Road, East Greenwich (6/6/03)

Elm Tree Plat Historic District, Charlotte Street, Elinora Street, Fenner Avenue, Harvey Avenue, and Willett Avenue (11/19/15)
Phillipsdale Historic District, roughly bounded by Seekonk River, Roger Williams and Ruth Aves. (9/15/11)
Rose Land Park Plat, Dartmouth Avenue, Florence Street, Princeton Avenue, Roseland Court, Willett Avenue (11/19/15)
Rumford Historic District, Pawtucket Avenue, Greenwood Avenue and Pleasant Street (1/28/80) | boundary increase (8/6/18) | additional documentation/boundary decrease (8/6/18)
Richmond Paper Company Mill, 310 Bourne Avenue
Crescent Park Carousel, Bullock's Point Avenue (4/21/76) NHL 1987
Philip Walker House, 432 Massasoit Avenue (7/24/72)
Newman Cemetery, intersection of Newman and Pawtucket Avenues (11/28/80)
Rumford Chemical Works and Mill Houses, Newman and Greenwood Avenues and North Broadway (11/28/80)
Carpenter, Lakeside, and Springvale Cemeteries, Newman and Pawtucket Avenues (11/28/80)
Newman Congregational Church, 100 Newman Avenue (11/28/80)
James Dennis House, 3120 Pawtucket Avenue (11/28/80)
Bicknell-Armington Lightning Splitter House, 3591 Pawtucket Avenue (11/28/80)
Bridgham Farm, 120, 148, 150 and 160 Pleasant Street (11/28/80)
Nathaniel Daggett House, 74 Roger Williams Avenue (11/28/80)
Pomham Rocks Light Station, end of Riverside Road (7/9/79)
*Little Neck Cemetery, off Read Street (11/28/80)
Boston and Providence Railroad Bridge, across Roger Williams Avenue and Ten Mile River (11/28/80)
World War I Memorial, 145 Taunton Avenue (10/19/01)
Squantum Association, 947 Veterans Memorial Parkway (11/28/80)
Oddfellow's Hall, 63-67 Warren Avenue (11-28-80)
Saint Mary's Episcopal Church, 83 Warren Avenue (11/28/80)
Whitcomb Farm, 36 Willett Avenue (11/28/80)
District #6 Schoolhouse/Riverside Girl Scout House, 347 Willett Avenue (11/28/80)

Austin Farm Road Historic District, Austin Farm Road, west of U.S. Route 95 (8/6/77)
*Fisherville Historic and Archaeological District, William Reynolds Road (12/5/80)
*Hallville Historic and Archaeological District, Hallville Road (12/5/80)
*Parris Brook Archaeological District, Mount Tom Road (12/5/80)
*Sodom Mill Historic and Archaeological District, Sodom Trail off Hallville Road (11/24/80)
Queen's Fort, Stony Lane (11/26/80)
Simon Lillibridge Farm, Summit Road (11/28/78)
Chestnut Hill Baptist Church/Baptist Church in Exeter, Ten Rod Road (11/21/78)
Lawton's Mill/Albro Mill, Ten Rod Road (Route 102) (6/27/80)

Clayville Historic District, bounded by Cole Avenue and Victory Highway in Foster, and Cole Avenue, Field Hill Road, Pleasant Lane and Victory Highway in Scituate (Foster and Scituate) (12/29/88)
Foster Center Historic District, at the intersection of Foster Center Road (Rhode Island Route 94) and Howard Hill and South Killingly Roads (5/11/74)
Hopkins Mills Historic District, Old Danielson Pike (5/10/84)
Moosup Valley Historic District, Barb's Hill, Cucumber Hill, Harrington, Johnson, Moosup Valley, Plain Woods and Potter Roads (5/11/88)
Borders Farm, 31-38 North Road, (7/29/09)
*Breezy Hill Site (RI-957), Danielson Pike (9/28/85)
Captain George Dorrance House, Jenks Road (3/16/72)
Mt. Hygeia/Solomon Drown House, Mount Hygeia Road (8/12/77)
Mount Vernon Tavern, Plainfield Pike (5/8/74)

Chepachet Village Historic District, following Putnam Pike (Route 44) from its intersection with Route 102 on the north and on the south (3/13/71)
Glocester Town Pound, Pound Road and Chopmist Hill Road (9/22/70)
Harmony Chapel and Cemetery, Putnam Pike (Route 44), Harmony (6/25/80)
Manton-Hunt-Farnum Farm, Putnam Pike (10/3/85)
*Cherry Valley Archaeological Site (RI-279), Victory Highway (11/1/84)

Hope Valley Historic District
Hopkinton City Historic District, at the intersection of North Road, Route 3, Woodville Road, Burdickville Road, and Hopkinton-Clark's Falls Road (5/1/74)
Wyoming Village Historic District, bounded northerly by Old Nooseneck Hill Road and southerly by Route 138, including all of Bridge, Prospect and Aldrich Streets (Hopkinton and Richmond) (5/2/74)
Tomaquag Rock Shelters, Burdickville Road (8/12/77)
Upper Rockville Mill, 332 Canonchet Road (9/21/09)
Black Farm, Rockville-Alton Road (11/7/95)

*Jamestown Archaeological District (12/10/89)
Shoreby Hill Historic District, roughly bounded by Whittier Road, Prudence Lane, Emerson Road, Conanicus Avenue, Knowles Court, Coronado Street &  Longfellow Road (9/15/11)
Windmill Hill Historic District, Eldred Avenue and North Main Road (10/2/78)
Conanicut Battery, Access from Beavertail Road (7/2/73)
Beavertail Light, Beavertail Road (12/12/77)
Dutch Island Lighthouse, Dutch Island (south end of) (2/25/88)
*Joyner Archaeological Site (RI-706), Eldred Avenue (11/1/84)
*Keeler Archaeological Site (RI-707), Eldred Avenue (11/1/84)
*Old Friends Archaeological Site, Eldred Avenue (11/7/95)
Horsehead/Marbella, 240 Highland Drive (6/16/99)
Conanicut Island Lighthouse, 64 North Bay View Avenue (2/25/88)
Jamestown Windmill, North Road (3/14/73)
Artillery Park (and Churchyard Cemetery), North Road and Narragansett Avenue (3/7/73)
Friends Meeting House, North Road and Weeden Lane (3/7/73)
Fort Dumpling, Ocean Street (3/16/72)

Brown Avenue Historic District, Brown Avenue (4/24/73)
Thomas Hughes House, 423 Central Avenue (6/15/79)
Angell House/Daniel Angell House, 15 Dean Avenue (4/21/75)
Clemence-Irons House, 38 George Waterman Road (7/2/73)
Belknap School, 509 Greenville Ave, (12/07/10)
Mathewson Farm, 544 Greenville Avenue (1/26/01)
Pocasset Worsted Company Mill, 75 Pocasset St (7/19/10)
*Ochee Spring Soapstone Quarry, behind 767 Hartford Avenue (5/5/78)
Eddy Homestead, 2543 Hartford Avenue (8/13/86)
Cornell-Randall-Bailey Roadhouse/Shang Bailey Hotel, 2737 Hartford Pike (Route 6) (5/10/84)
Edwin H. Farnum House/Angell House, Putnam Pike (5/17/74)

Albion Historic District, including portions of School Street, Main Street, Berkshire Drive, Willow Lane, Ledge Way (7/19/84)
Blackstone Canal Historic District, (5/6/71; revised boundaries 11/1/91)
Great Road Historic District, Great Road (7/22/74)
Limerock Village Historic District, including both sides of Old Louisquisset Pike for a short distance north and south of its intersections with Smith Road and Wilbur Road; running east to Great Road (5/23/74)
Lonsdale Historic District, bounded by Lonsdale Avenue, Front, Main, Cook, Grant and School Streets (in Lincoln); Broad, Mill Cross and Blackstone Streets, Blackstone Court, and Main Street (in Cumberland) (Cumberland and Lincoln) (5/25/84)
Manville Company Worker Housing Historic District, Bounded by Chestnut Street, Angle Street, Railroad Street, Winter Street, Fall Street, Spring Street, Park Way, Almeida Dr., Main Street, (4/02/09)
Old Ashton Historic District, including portions of Lower River Road and the Blackstone Canal Towpath (8/30/84)
Saylesville Historic District, including portions of Smithfield Avenue, East Avenue, Brunswick Avenue, Orchard Avenue, Whittle Avenue, Branch Avenue, Woodland Street and Court, Walker Street, Industrial Circle, Chapel Street, Sayles Avenue, Walker Avenue, Slater Avenue, and Memorial Avenue (8/30/84)
Ballou House, Albion Road (8/30/84)
Pullen Corner Schoolhouse, Angell Road (8/30/84)
Lime Kiln, off Dexter Rock Road (8/30/84)
Eleazer Arnold House, Great Road (11/24/68) NHL
Hearthside, Great Road (4/24/73)
Israel Arnold House, Great Road (12/18/70)
Jenckes House, 81 Jenckes Hill Road (8/30/84)
Lime Kiln, off Old Louisquisset Pike (8/30/84)
Elliott-Harris-Miner House, 1406 Old Louisquisset Pike (8/30/84)
Jenckes House, 1730 Old Louisquisset Pike (10/10/84)
Whipple-Cullen House, Old River Road (11/14/91)
Lime Kiln, off Sherman Road (8/30/84)
Saylesville Meetinghouse/Smithfield Lower Meetinghouse, Smithfield Avenue (11/28/78)

Little Compton Common Historic District, encompassing the triangle formed by South Commons Road, Meeting House Lane, and School House Lane (5/3/74)
The Rhode Island Red, Adamsville Road (10/19/01)
William Whalley Homestead, 33 Burchard Avenue (8/3/88)
Sakonnet Light Station, Little Cormorant Rock (5/10/83)
Stone House Inn, 122 Sakonnet Point Road (4/2/08)    
Friends Meetinghouse and Cemetery, 234 West Main Road
Wilbor House, 548 West Main Road

Stonybrook Estate Historic District, 501-521 Indian Avenue and 75 Vaucluse Avenue, (9/01/09)
Smith-Gardiner-Norman Farm Historic District (6/16/08)
Whitehall/Bishop George Berkeley House, 311 Berkeley Avenue (3/7/75)
Taylor-Chase-Smythe House, Coaster's Harbor Island (8/30/89)
Witherbee School, Green End Avenue (11/27/89)
Alexander Van Rensselaer House, 1 Ichabod Lane (6/4/18)
Hamilton Hoppin House, 120 Miantonomi Avenue (8/16/96)
Murphy House at Ogden Farm, 641 Mitchell Lane (12/13/07)
Paradise School, Paradise Avenue (5/5/78)
Boyd's Windmill, Prospect Avenue (1/26/01)
St. George’s School: Church of St. George, Little Chapel, and Memorial Schoolhouse, 372 Purgatory Road (11/12/04)
*Gardiner Pond Shell Midden, (RI-101W), 583 Third Beach Road (4/12/85)
Clambake Club of Newport, 353 Tuckerman Avenue (11/7/95)
Lyman C. Josephs House, 438 Walcott Avenue (5/2/75)
Bailey Farm, 373 Wyatt Road (6/4/84)

Central Street Historic District, Central and Caswell Streets (8/18/82)
Earlscourt Historic District, Earles Court and Gibson Avenue (8/18/82)
Ocean Road Historic District, Ocean Road, Hazard and Newton Avenues (8/18/82)
The Towers Historic District, Exchange, Taylor and Mathewson Streets and the Atlantic Ocean (8/18/82)
Gladstone Spring House, 145r Boon Street (5/10/84)
Dunes Club, 137 Boston Neck Rd (5/18/15); additional documentation (11/21/18)
, 10 Gibson Avenue (8/18/82)
Druidsdream, 144 Gibson Avenue (7/20/89)
The Towers/Tower Entrance of the Narragansett Casino, Ocean Road (1969)
Life Saving Station at Narragansett Pier/Coast Guard House, 40 Ocean Road (6/30/76)
Dunmere, 560 Ocean Road (9/23/05)
Point Judith Lighthouse, 1470 Ocean Road (3/30/88)
Anthony-Kinney Farm, 505 Point Judith Road (4/17/13)
Narragansett Baptist Church/South Ferry Church, South Ferry Road (11/25/77)

*Great Salt Pond Archaeological District (2/15/90)
Old Harbor Historic District, all property within a 2,000-foot radius of the Village Square, at the intersection of Water, High, and Spring Streets (5/8/74)
Hygeia House, Beach Avenue (10/22/01)
U.S. Weather Bureau Station, Beach Avenue (8/4/83)
Peleg Champlin House, Rodman Pond Lane (6/1/82)
Block Island North Light, Sandy Point (5/23/74)
Block Island South East Light, South East Light Road, (8/6/90) NHL 9/25/97

Bellevue Avenue National Historic Landmark District, both sides of Bellevue Avenue from Memorial Boulevard to the Atlantic Ocean at Land's End; bounded, generally, on the east by Easton Bay and on the west by properties on the west side of Bellevue Avenue (5/11/76) NHL
Bellevue Avenue-Casino Historic District, 170-230 Bellevue Avenue (12/8/72)
Fort Adams National Historic Landmark District, Fort Adams Road at Harrison Avenue (12/8/76) NHL
Fort Hamilton Historic District, Rose Island (10/22/01)
Kay Street-Catherine Street-Old Beach Road Historic District text | photos (listed 5/22/73, revised 3/12/18)
Newport National Historic Landmark District, bounded northerly by Van Zandt Avenue; then east and north by Farewell Street, Warner, Spruce, and Oak Streets; east by Broadway, Bull, Whitefield Place, and Touro Street; south on William and Golden Hill Streets; east on Spring Street; south on Pope Street; west on Thames Street and, in the Point Section, on Narragansett Bay (5/24/68) NHL; amendment
Ocean Drive National Historic Landmark District including all of Ocean Drive, from Almy Pond around and back to Wellington Avenue and Newport Harbor (5/11/76) NHL
Ochre Point-Cliffs Historic District, bounded on the north by Memorial Boulevard; on the east by Easton Bay; south by Sheep Point Cove and Marine Avenue; west by lots on the east side of Bellevue Avenue; north by Ward Avenue; then west by Cliff Avenue (5/18/75)
Southern Thames Historic District (6/26/08)
Weatherly (yacht), 49 America's Cup Boulevard, (8/28/12)
Edward King House, Aquidneck Park and Spring Streets (10/15/70) NHL 1971
Redwood Library, 50 Bellevue Avenue (10/15/66) NHL
The Art Association of Newport/John N.A. Griswold House, 76 Bellevue Avenue (11/5/71)
The Newport Casino and The Van Alen Casino Theatre and Newport Performing Arts Center (The Casino Theatre), 194 Bellevue Avenue (12/2/70) NHL 1987
Kingscote, NW corner of Bellevue Avenue and Bowery Street (5/17/73) NHL 6/13/96
Charles H. Baldwin House, Bellevue Avenue, opposite Perry Street (5/6/71)
The Elms/Edward J. Berwind House, Bellevue Avenue, between Bellevue Court and Dixon Street (9/10/71) NHL 1996
Wetmore House, Bellevue Avenue, bounded by Leroy, Lawrence, Shepard Avenues (11/8/68)
Rosecliff/Herman Oelrichs House, Bellevue Avenue, between Marine and Yznaga Streets (2/6/73)
Marble House/William K. Vanderbilt House, Bellevue Avenue, between Bancroft and Yznaga Streets (8/10/71) NHL 1976
Wanton-Lyman Hazard House, 17 Broadway (10/15/66) NHL
"The Bird's Nest," 526 Broadway at One Mile Corner (6/9/82)
Castle Hill Lighthouse, Castle Hill, off Ocean Avenue, at the west end of Newport Neck (3/30/88)
Clarke Street Meeting House/Second Congregational Church, 13-17 Clarke Street (1/25/71)
Henderson House/Ezra Stiles House, 14 Clarke Street (3/16/72)
Armory of the Newport Artillery Company, 23 Clarke Street (6/30/72)
Vernon House, 46 Clarke Street (11/24/68) NHL
United States Naval War College, Coaster's Harbor Island (10/15/66) NHL
U.S. Naval War College, Coaster's Harbor Island (9/22/72)
President's House, U.S. Naval War College, Coaster's Harbor Island (9/18/89)
Dr. Charles Cotton House, 5 Cotton Court (1/13/72)
Emmanuel Church, 42 Dearborn Street (5/16/96)
Lucas-Johnston House/Augustus Lucas House, 40 Division Street (5/6/71)
Common Burying Ground and Island Cemetery, Farewell Street and Warner Street (5/1/74)
Fort Adams State Park/Fort Adams, Harris Avenue-Fort Adams (7/28/70)
Newport Harbor Lighthouse, Goat Island (Newport Harbor) (3/30/88)
Commandant's Residence, Quarters #1, Fort Adams Harrison Avenue, Fort Adams (5/8/74)
Miantonomi Memorial Park and WW I Memorial Tower, between Hillside and Girard Avenues (6/23/69)
Ida Lewis Rock Lighthouse, Lime Rock (in Newport Harbor off Wellington Avenue) (2/25/88)
Malbone, Malbone Road (10/22/76)
Seamen's Church Institute, Market Square (8/4/83)
The White Horse Tavern, 26 Marlborough Street (1/23/72)
John Tillinghast House, 142 Mill Street (4/11/73)
The Breakers/Cornelius Vanderbilt II House, Ochre Point Avenue (9/10/71) NHL 10/12/94
Isaac Bell House/Edna Villa, 70 Perry Street (1/13/72) NHL 9/25/97
Rose Island Lighthouse, Rose Island (4/10/87)
Shiloh Church/Trinity School House, 25 School Street (8/12/71)
William Watts Sherman House, 2 Shepard Avenue (12/30/70) NHL 1971
United Congregational Church, Spring and Pelham Streets (11/19/71)
Trinity Church, 141 Spring Street (11/24/65) NHL
Bull-Mawdsley House, 228 Spring Street (7/2/72)
The Brick Market, 127 Thames Street (10/15/66) NHL 1960
Perry Mill, 337 Thames Street (1/13/72)
Francis Malbone House, 392 Thames Street (4/28/75)
Samuel Whitehorne House, 414 Thames Street (5/6/71)
Coronet, 449 Thames Street (6/3/04)
Newport Steam Factory, 449 Thames Street (1/20/72), 37 Touro Street (2/23/72)
Joseph Rogers House/Preservation Society of Newport County Headquarters
Touro Synagogue, 85 Touro Street (10/15/66) NHL
Levi H. Gale House/Jewish Community Center, 89 Touro Street (5/6/71)
The Old Colony House/The Old State House, Washington Square (10/15/66) NHL
Army and Navy YMCA, 50 Washington Square (12/29/88)
Hunter House, 54 Washington Street (11/24/68) NHL
William King Covell III House/Milton H. Sanford House, 72 Washington Street (5/31/72)
St. Mary’s Church, 14 William Street (3/6/08)

Camp Endicott Historic District, Davisville Construction Battalion Center (10/19/78)
Crowfield Historic District, Boston Neck Road (7/19/85)
Davisville Historic District, Davisville Road (7/19/85)
Hamilton Mill Village Historic District, Boston Neck Road, Martha Road, Salisbury Avenue and Web Avenue (1/3/83)
Lafayette Village Historic District, properties bordering Ten Rod Road from Wickford Junction to (Collation Corner) the Culvert east of 935 Ten Rod Road, and related side streets (11/14/78)
Saunderstown Historic District, Boston Neck Road, Briggs Road, Cavanaugh Court, Church Way, Ferry Lane, Ferry Road, Gould Way, Keeley Road, Saunders Road, Stillman Road, Waterway, Waterway Extension, Willet Road (7/19/85)
*Scrabbletown Historic and Archaeological District, Scrabbletown Road, Stony Lane and South County Trail (4/11/85)
Shady Lea Historic District, Shady Lea Road and Tower Hill Road (7/19/85)
Wickford Historic District, bounded generally on the north by Mill Cove; on the east by Wickford Harbor and Cove; on the south by Wickford Cove and the railroad right-of-way; on the west by Tower Hill and Post Roads (12/31/74)
Rathbun House, 343 Beacon Drive (7/19/85)
Silas Casey Farm, Boston Neck Road (Route 1A) (8/14/73)
Old Narragansett Church, 60 Church Lane (7/2/73)
Allen-Madison House, Davisville Construction Battalion Center (3/28/80)
*Devil's Foot Cemetery Archaeological Site, (RI-694), Devil's Foot Road (11/15/84)
Esbon Sanford House, 88 Featherbed Lane (7/19/85)
Stephen Northrup House, 99 Featherbed Lane (7/19/85)
Gilbert Stuart Birthplace, Gilbert Stuart Road, Saunderstown (10/15/66) NHL 1975
Joseph Pierce Farm, 933 Gilbert Stuart Road (7/19/85)
*YWCA Site, Gilbert Stuart Road, off (11/21/80)
Benoni Rose House, 97 Lafayette Road (12/24/08)
St. Paul's Church, 76 Main Street, Wickford (6/30/72)
Six Principle Baptist Church/Stony Lane, Baptist Church, 85 Old Baptist Road (11/21/78)
Ezekial Gardiner House, 297 Pendar Road (7/19/85)
Plum Beach Lighthouse, Plum Beach (off) (3/30/88)
Poplar Point Lighthouse, 1 Poplar Point (2/25/88)
Smith's Castle/Cocumscussoc/Richard Smith House/ Updike House, Post Road (2/23/72)
Smith's Castle Amendment/Cocumscussoc Site (RI-375) (5/20/92) NHL
Palmer-Northup House, 7919 Post Road (4/11/73)
David S. Baker Jr. Estate/Cedar Spring Farm, 51 & 67 Prospect Avenue (8/4/11)
Old Narragansett Cemetery, Shermantown Road (7/19/85)
Spink Farm, 1325 Shermantown Road (7/19/85)
Joseph Slocum House, Slocum Road (7/19/85)
George Douglas House, Tower Hill Road and Gilbert Stuart Road (10/10/75)

Greystone Historic District, 1-16 Beckside Road, 1-29 Greystone Ave, 1-24 Oakleigh Avenue, 1-40 Langsberries Avenue, 2-20 Larchmount Ave, 1-16 (1/02/08)
Otis Angell Gristmill, 1 Governor Notte Park Way (11/3/17)
Greystone Mill Historic District, Greystone Avenue (4/28/04)
Joseph Smith House/Smith-Cushing House, 109 Smithfield Road (11/28/78)
Captain Stephen Olney House, 138 Smithfield Road (5/1/74)
Whipple-Angell-Bennett House, 157 Olney Avenue (7/28/95)
Lymansville Company Mill, 184 Woonasquatucket Avenue (12/26/12)
Allendale Mill
, 494 Woonasquatucket Avenue (5/7/73)

Forestdale Mill Village, running east and west along Main Street and north on Maple Avenue (6/5/72)
Slatersville Historic District, following North Main Street southerly; then east and west on Main and Green Streets, including sections of Church Street and Providence Pike (4/24/73)
Smithfield Road Historic District, Smithfield Road (2/18/87)
Union Village Historic District, Great Road (11/28/78)
*Three Dog Archaeological Site, (RI-151), Farnum Pike (11/1/84)
William Mowry House, Farnum Pike (Route 104) (2/10/83)
Smith-Andrews-Taft-Todd Farm/Todd Farm, 670 Farnum Pike (Route 104) (2/10/83)
Andrews Mill Company Plant, 761 Great Road (9/13/18)
Tyler Mowry House, 112 Sayles Hill Road (8/16/96)
Peleg Arnold Tavern, 4 Woonsocket Hill Road (7/30/74)

Blackstone Canal Historic District, Front Street Bridge (Lincoln) to Steeple and Promenade Streets (Providence, Pawtucket and Lincoln) (5/6/71)
Church Hill Industrial District, Main, Church, Bayley, Commerce, Hill and Pine Streets (8/12/82)
Church Hill Industrial District (Boundary Increase), 60 Dexter Street, 125 Goff Avenue, 265 Pine Street (2/7/11)
Conant Thread Company Mills, bounded by Pine, Conant, Carpenter, Coleman, Beecher Streets, and Lonsdale Avenue in Pawtucket; Lonsdale Avenue, Rand and Pine Streets in Central Falls (Pawtucket and Central Falls) (11/18/83) text | images
Downtown Pawtucket Historic District
, Broad, Grant, High, East, and Main Streets (4/5/07)
Exchange Street Historic District, Exchange, Front and Fountain Streets (9/6/02)
Jenckes Spinning Mill Historic District, Weeden, Barton, Pine, Lily Pond & Conant Streets (1/25/18)
Old Slater Mill Historic Site National Historic Landmark District, Roosevelt Avenue (11/13/66) NHL
Quality Hill Historic District, Cottage and Summit Streets, and side streets (4/13/84) text | images
Slater Park Historic District, between Armistice Boulevard and Newport Avenue (6/30/76)
South Street Historic District, South Street (11/18/83) text | images
John F. Adams House, 11 Allen Avenue (11/18/83) text | images
Foster-Payne House, 25 Belmont Street (11/18/83) text | images
Leroy Theatre, 66 Broad Street (8/4/83) text | images
Fuller Tenement House, 339-341 Broadway (11/18/83) text | images
Fuller Tenement House, 343-345 Broadway (11/18/83) text | images
Fire Station #4, 474 Broadway (11/18/83) text | images
Charles Payne House, 25 Brown Street (11/18/83) text | images
Elisha O. Potter, 67 Cedar Street (11/18/83) text | images
Phillips Insulated Wire Company, 413 Central Avenue (3/19/04)
Division Street Bridge, Division Street (11/18/83)
Modern Diner, 364 East Avenue (10/19/78)
West High School, 485 East Avenue (11/18/83) text | images
Frederick Scholze House, Scholze-Sayles House, 625 East Avenue (10/19/78) text | images
Louis Kotzow House, 641 East Avenue (11/18/83) text | images
Pawtucket Times Building, 23 Exchange Street (11/18/83) text | images
Pawtucket Lodge of Elks, 27 Exchange Street (11/18/83) text | images
Pawtucket Armory, 172 Exchange Street (11/18/83) text | images
First Ward Wardroom, 171 Fountain Street (11/18/83) text | images
Joseph Spaulding House, 30 Fruit Street (10/22/76)
Pawtucket Post Office, 56 High Street (4/30/76)
Nathaniel Montgomery House, 178 High Street (1/19/84)
Lorenzo Crandall House, 221 High Street (11/17/78)
Standard Paper Box Corporation, 110 Kenyon Avenue (2/24/15)
Art's Auto Supply, 5-7 Lonsdale Avenue (12/15/78)
Main Street Bridge, Main Street over the Blackstone River (11/18/83) text | images
Trinity Church, 50 Main Street (1/13/72)
Gately Building, 335 Main Street (3/20/12)
Hope Webbing Company Mill, 999–1005 Main Street (04/19/06)
Collyer Monument, Mineral Spring Avenue, in Mineral Spring Park (11/18/83) text | images
Fifth Ward Wardroom, 47 Mulberry Street (11/18/83) text | images
E. A. Burnham House, 17 Nickerson Street (11/18/83) text | images
Liberty Arming the Patriot, Park Place (10/19/01)
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 50 Park Place (11/18/83) text | images
Church Hill Grammar School, 81 Park Place, (4/23/10)
Gilbane's, 175-191 Pawtucket Avenue (11/18/83) text | images
St. Mary's Church Complex, between Pine and George Streets (11/18/83) text | images
Alfred L. Childs House/Childs-Brown House, 172 Pine Street (11/18/83) text | images
Riverside Cemetery, Pleasant Street (11/18/83) text | images
Conant Thread Company Mills, bounded by Pine, Conant, Carpenter, Coleman, Beecher Streets, and Lonsdale Avenue in Pawtucket, Lonsdale Avenue, Rand and Pine Streets in Central Falls (Pawtucket and Central Falls) (11/18/83) text | images
Prospect Heights Housing Project, 560 Prospect Street (12/15/15)
Bridge Mill Power Plant, 25 Roosevelt Avenue (11/18/83) text | images
Pawtucket City Hall, 137 Roosevelt Avenue (11/18/83) text | images
Saint Jean Baptiste Church, 68 Slater Street (11/18/83) text | images
Deborah Cook Sayles Public Library, 13 Summer Street (12/6/75)
Pawtucket Congregational Church, 40 Walcott Street (9/18/78)
Pitcher-Goff House, 56 Walcott Street (6/24/76)
James Mitchell House, 41 Waldo Street (11/18/83) text | images

Battle of Rhode Island Historic District, Lehigh Hill and both sides of Rhode Island Route 24, between Medley and Dexter Streets (5/30/74) NHL 1974
Union Church, East Main Road and Union Street (6/13/74)
Borden Farm, 2951 and 2967 East Main Road
Hog Island Shoal Lighthouse, Hog Island (off) (3/30/88)
Portsmouth Friends Meeting House, Cemetery, and Parsonage, 11 Middle Road and 2232 East Main Road (11/28/78)
Farnham Farm, 113 Mount Pleasant Avenue (Prudence Island) (02/02/2006)
*Pine Hill Archaeological Site, (RI-655), vicinity of Pine Hill (11/3/83)
Mount Hope Bridge, Route 114 (Bristol and Portsmouth) (1/3/76)
Prudence Island Lighthouse, Sandy Point (east end on Prudence Island) (3/30/88)
Lawton-Almy-Hall Farm/Lakeside Farm, 559 Union Street (10/11/78)
Oak Glen/Julia Ward Howe House, 745 Union Street (3/29/80)
Greenvale Farm/Greenvale, 582 Wapping Road (1/4/80)
*Wreck Sites of the H.M.S. Cerberus and H.M.S. Lark, Waters of Narragansett Bay adjacent to Aquidneck Island (4/26/73)

Andrew Dickhaut Cottages Historic District, 115-141 (odd) Bath Street, 6-8 (even) Duke Street, 377 Orms Street (2/23/84)
Blackstone Boulevard-Cole Avenue-Grotto Avenue Historic District, Roughly bounded by Blackstone Blvd., Cole Avenue, Grotto Avenue, President and Rochambeau Aves., (11/12/09)
Blackstone Canal Historic District, Front Street Bridge (Lincoln) to Steeple and Promenade Streets (Providence, Pawtucket, and Lincoln) (5/6/71)
Blackstone Park Historic District, including portions of Angell Street, Blackstone Boulevard, Blackstone Park, Butler Avenue, Channing Avenue, East Orchard Avenue, Grotto Avenue, Gulf Avenue, Irving Avenue, Laurel Avenue, Loring Avenue, Nesbit Street, Oriole Avenue, Parkside Road, Patterson Street, President Avenue, Rhode Island Avenue, River Road, and South Angell Street (6/5/98)
Blackstone Boulevard Realty Plat Historic District, including portions of Balton Road, Blackstone Boulevard, Cole Avenue, Elmgrove Avenue, Fourth Street, Harwich Road, Holly Street, Intervale Road, Rochambeau Avenue, Westford Road, and Wingate Road (6/9/95)
Bridgham-Arch-Wilson Streets Historic District, portions of Arch, Bridgham, Constitution, Dexter, Gilmore, Harrison, Junction, Kendall, Lester, Warren, & Wilson Streets, and Elmwood Avenue (9/1/88)
Broadway-Armory Historic District, following Broadway from Dean Street on the east to Barton Street on the west; bounded southerly by Carpenter, Durfee, and Cranston Streets (5/1/74; amended 1/02/08)
College Hill Historic District, roughly bounded on the north by Olney Street, south by Cohan Boulevard, east by Hope Street, west by rivers (11/10/70 NHL; amended NR district (1976); additional documentation (8/6/18)
Custom House Historic District, along Westminster and Weybosset Streets (2/20/75)
Downtown Providence Historic District, bounded by Pine, Empire, Fountain streets, the railroad, and the Providence River (2/10/84); amendment 1/increase along Friendship, Pine and Richmond streets (10/11/07); amendment 2/98 Dorrance Street, (7/25/12); increase/250 + 254 Washington Street (7/25/12)
Doyle Avenue Historic District, bounded by Camp Street, Doyle Avenue, North Main Street, and Proctor Place (2/22/90)
Elmgrove Gardens Historic District, bounded by Morris, Rochambeau, and Cole Avenues, and Woodbury Street (2/2/2005)
Elmwood Historic District, between Broad Street and Elmwood Avenue; south section along sections of Whitmarsh, Moore, Daboll and Mawney Streets and Princeton Avenue; north section along Ontario Street, Congress, Lexington, Atlantic and Adelaide Avenues (1/7/80)
Freeman Plat Historic District, including portions of Abbottsford Court, Arlington Avenue, Barberry Hill, Cole Avenue, Doyle Avenue, Eames Street, Elmgrove Avenue, Emeline Street, Everett Avenue, Freeman Parkway, Hazard Avenue, Laurel Avenue, Laurel Court, Morris Avenue, Rose Court, Stadium Road, Taber Avenue, Upton Avenue, and Wayland Avenue (6/2/95)
Hope Street Historic District, Hope Street, from Benevolent to Angell Streets (1/12/73)
Moshassuck Square/American Screw Company Factories Historic District, bounded by Stevens, Charles, Smith, North Main and Hewes Street (8/4/70)
Oakland Avenue Historic District, Oakland Avenue, Malbone Street, Eaton Street, Pembroke Avenue (11/1/84)
Olney Street-Alumni Avenue Historic District, Alumni, Arlington, Brenton, and Morris Avenues, and Olney and Weymouth Streets (5/11/89)
Parkis-Comstock Historic District, Parkis Avenue, Comstock Avenue, and Broad Street (1/7/80)
Parkis Comstock Historic District Amendment, Harvard Avenue and Broad Street (5/5/88)
Pekin Street Historic District, Chalkstone Avenue, Pekin Street, Douglas Avenue and Candace Street (11/1/84)
Pine Street Historic District, Pine Street (9/13/78)
Power Street-Cooke Street Historic District, Hope Street from Benevolent to Power; Governor from Angell to Power (7/30/74)
Providence Jewelry Manufacturing District, bounded approximately by Point , Parsonage, South, Hospital, Elbow, Ashcroft, Richmond, Eddy, & Ship Streets and US-195 (12/5/85; amended 01/02/08; boundary increase 3/20/12)
Rhodes Street Historic District, both sides of Rhodes Street west of Eddy Street, also adjacent properties on Alphonso and Janes Streets (11/12/82)
Roger Williams Park Historic District, bounded, generally, westerly by Elmwood Avenue, southerly by Park Avenue, easterly by Edgewood Road and Miller Avenue, northerly by Broad Street (5/2/74)
Smith Hill Historic District, bounded, generally, by Brownell, Hayes, Jewett, Smith, and West Park Streets (11/4/93)
Stimson Avenue Historic District, Stimson Avenue and Angell Street (4/24/73)
Summit Historic District, Providence (9/23/03)
Trinity Square Historic District, Broad Street and Elmwood Avenue at Trinity Square (1/7/80)
Wanskuck Mill Village Historic District, Branch Avenue, Dakota Street, Harwol Court, Houghton, Hugo, Iowa, Minnesota, Newport, Shiloh, Squanto, Veazie, Vicksburg, Wild, Winchester Streets, and Woodward Road (12/1/83)
Wayland Historic District, bounded approximately by Laurel Avenue on the north, Arlington Avenue and Weymouth street on the west, Angell and South Angell streets on the south, and Blackstone Boulevard and Butler Avenue on the east (12/08/2005)
Wesleyan Avenue Historic District, one block of Wesleyan Avenue from Broad to Taylor Streets including some houses on Broad and Taylor Streets (11/23/82)
Westminster Street Historic District, Providence (5/30/03)
Weybosset Mills Complex, Dike, Oak, Magnolia, Agnes, & Troy Sts (1/10/08)
Nicholson File Company Mill Complex, 1–45 Acorn Street (08/22/05)
Esek Hopkins House, 97 Admiral Street (5/22/73)
Oriental Mills, 10 Admiral Street (12/23/05)
Providence Gas Purifer House, 200 Allens Avenue
America Street School, 22 America Street (6/18/87)
Covell Street School, 231 Amherst Street (9/30/76)
A. F. Cappelli Block, 263-265 Atwells Avenue (3/3/80)
Our Lady of Lourdes Church Complex, 901-903 Atwells Avenue (3/15/90)
Bell Street Chapel, 5 Bell Street (3/14/73)
Old State House, 150 Benefit Street (4/28/70)
State Arsenal/Armory of the Providence Marine Corps of Artillery, 176 Benefit Street (4/28/70)
Nightingale-Brown House, 357 Benefit Street (6/29/89) NHL
Thomas F. Hoppin House, 383 Benefit Street (2/6/73)
Candace Allen House, 12 Benevolent Street (4/11/73)
Nelson W. Aldrich House, 110 Benevolent Street (12/8/76) NHL
Swan Point Cemetery, Blackstone Boulevard (12/5/77)
Trolley Shelter (Amendment to Swan Point Cemetery) Blackstone Boulevard (11/28/78)
Butler Hospital, 345 Blackstone Boulevard (formerly 333 Grotto Avenue) (10/8/76)
North Burial Ground, Branch Avenue (9/13/77)
Aylesworth Apartments, 188-194 Broad Street (11/12/82)
Israel B. Mason House, 571 Broad Street (8/16/77)
Temple Beth-El, 688 Broad Street (12/29/88)
Calvary Baptist Church, 747 Broad Street (1/7/80)
Nathaniel Pearce House/DeWolf House, 305 Brook Street (5/19/72)
University Hall, Brown University Campus (10/15/66) NHL
Veterans Memorial Auditorium/Masonic Temple, Brownell Street (11/4/93)
Richard Henry Deming House, 66 Burnett Street (1/7/80)
Smith Hill Branch Public Library, 31 Candace Street (3/5/98)
Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Cathedral Square (2/10/75)
Jones Warehouses, 49-65 Central Street (1/7/80)
Arnold-Palmer House/Daniel Arnold House, 33 Chestnut Street (1/20/72)
Congdon Street Baptist Church, 17 Congdon Street (6/21/71)
Louttit Laundry, 93 Cranston Street (3/18/04)
Josephine White Block, 737-739 Cranston Street (1/7/80)
Mechanical Fabric Company, 55 Cromwell Street and 40, 40R, 50, 50R Sprague Street (1/8/14)
Providence-Biltmore Hotel, 11 Dorrance Street (5/27/77)
Providence City Hall, Dorrance and Washington Streets (1/23/75)
Union Trust Company Building, 62 Dorrance Street (3/1/73)
Shakespeare Hall/Sprague-Knight Building/Ballou, Johnson and Nichols, 128 Dorrance Street (6/18/79)
Sons of Jacob Synagogue, 24 Douglas Avenue (8/24/89)
Heaton & Cowing Mill, 1115 Douglas Avenue (6/6/12)
Ladd Observatory, 210 Doyle Avenue (6/2/2000)
Hay Building and Owen Building, 101 and 117-135 Dyer Street (11/12//82)
William M. Bailey House/Domenic Hall, Eaton Street (within Providence College campus) (3/7/73)
George M. Bradley House/Martin Hall, Eaton Street (within Providence College campus) (1/13/72)
Winsor-Swan-Whitman Farm, 416 Eaton Street (5/1/74)
South Street Station, 300 Eddy Street
Christ Episcopal Church, 909 Eddy Street (6/30/76)
Central Diner, 777 Elmwood Avenue (1/13/10)
Columbus Monument, Elmwood Avenue (10/19/01)
United States Post Office Annex, 2 Exchange Place (12/7/17)
Chemical Building, Fields Point Sewage Treatment Plant, Ernest Street (1/13/89)
Ernest Street Sewage Pumping Station, Ernest and Ellis Streets (1/13/89)
Return Sludge Pumping Station, Ernest Street (1/13/89)
Sludge Press House, Ernest Street (1/13/89)
Union Station, Exchange Terrace (2/20/75)
Rhode Island Medical Society Building, 106 Francis Street (6/4/84)
Joseph Haile House/Gardner House, 106 George Street (5/19/72)
St. Stephen's Church, 114 George Street (2/6/73)
Beaman and Smith Company Mill, 20 Gordon Avenue (04/20/06)
Providence Fruit and Produce Warehouse Company Building, 6–64 Harris Avenue (6/10/2005)
American Brewing Company, 431 Harris Avenue (6/21/16)
Gloria Dei Evangelical Lutheran Church, 15 Hayes Street (2/23/84)
United States Rubber Company Mill Complex, Hemlock and Valley sts, Richmond Pl and Woonasquatucket River (08/24/05)
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, 84 Hope Street (7/15/74)
Governor Henry Lippitt House, 199 Hope Street (5/11/76) NHL 1972
Rochambeau Branch Public Library, 708 Hope Street (3/5/98)
Stephen Hopkins House/Gov. Stephen Hopkins House, 15 Hopkins Street (4/3/70) NHL
Federal Building, Kennedy Plaza (4/13/72)
Rochambeau Worsted Company Mill, 60 King Street, (7/24/17)
Moses Brown School, 250 Lloyd Avenue (7/24/80)
Earnscliffe-Paragon Mills, Manton Avenue
Dyerville Mill, 610 Manton Avenue (6/18/79)
Market House, Market Square (4/13/72)
Grace Church, 175 Mathewson Street (6/19/72)
Lying-In Hospital/Women & Infants Hospital, 50 Maude Street (8/13/86)
Brick School House/Meeting Street School, 24 Meeting Street (12/5/72)
Hope Block and Cheapside, 22-26 and 40 North Main Street (5/21/75)
First Baptist Meeting House, North Main Street, between Waterman and Thomas Streets (10/15/66) NHL
Elizabeth Building, 100 North Main Street (11/5/71)
Joseph and William Russell House, 118 North Main Street (8/12/71)
Roger Williams National Memorial, bounded by North Main, Canal, Smith and Haymarket Streets (10/15/66) NHL
Jeremiah Dexter House, 957 North Main Street (10/8/76)
Jeremiah Dexter House - Amendment, adjacent to 957 North Main Street (9/2/80)
Ontario Apartments, 25-31 and 37-41 Ontario Street (3/5/98)
St. Martin's Church, 50 Orchard Avenue (5/16/96)
St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church, Convent, Rectory and School, 251 Oxford Street (3/25/77)
New England Butt Company, 304 Pearl Street (1/7/80)
Constance Witherby Park, 210 Pitman Street (11/25/75)
General Ice Cream Corporation building, 485 Plainfield Street (8/19/08)
Davol Rubber Company, Point and Eddy Streets (6/27/80)
William J. Braitsch and Company Plant, 472 Potters Avenue (7/11/16)
John Brown House, 52 Power Street (11/24/68) NHL
Thomas P. Ives House, 66 Power Street (12/30/79) NHL 1971
South Providence Branch Public Library, 455 Prairie Avenue (3/5/98)
Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing Company Complex, Promenade Street, Providence (4/25/03)
Charles Brackett House/George H. Corliss House, 45 Prospect Street (4/3/70)
Woods-Gerry House/Dr. Marshall Woods House, 62 Prospect Street (2/12/71)
David Sprague House, 263 Public Street (5/23/78)
Reservoir Avenue Sewage Pumping Station, Reservoir and Pontiac Avenues (1/13/89)
Matthew Lynch House, 120 Robinson Street (3/8/78)
Morris Brown House, 317 Rochambeau Avenue (8/22/91)
Washington Park Sewage Pumping Station, Shipyard Street (1/13/89)
Providence Steel and Iron Company Complex, 27 Sims Avenue (08/24/05)
Rhode Island State House, 90 Smith Street (3/28/70)
Smith Street School, 396 Smith Street (2/23/84)
Charles Dowler House, 581 Smith Street (2/23/84)
Zachariah Allen House, 1093 Smith Street (9/15/94)
John Corliss House, 201 South Main Street (5/1/74)
Perkins Buildings, 85 Sprague Street (1/30/04)
Fleur-de-Lys Studios, 7 Thomas Street NHL 1992
Providence Telephone Company Building, 110-116 Union Street (8/4/83)
National & Providence Worsted Mills, Valley Street, Providence (7/11/03)
Providence Dyeing, Bleaching and Calendering Company, 46-60 Valley Street, 80 Delaine Street (10/18/04)
Wanskuck Branch Public Library, 233 Veazie Street (3/5/98)
Trinity Square Repertory Theatre/Majestic Theatre, 201 Washington Street (6/5/72)
First Universalist Church, 250 Washington Street (8/16/77)
Carr House/Dr. George W. Carr House, 29 Waterman Street (3/7/73)
Edward Dexter House, 72 Waterman Street (6/21/71)
Plain Farm House, 108 Webster Avenue (6/21/71)
Rhode Island Tool Company, 146-148 West River Street (8/4/04)
Rhode Island Hospital Trust Building, 15 Westminster Street (10/22/76)
Merchant's Bank Building, 32 Westminster Street (11/21/77)
The Arcade, 130 Westminster Street and 65 Weybosset Street (5/6/71) NHL 1976
The Shepard Company/Shepard's, 259 Westminster Mall (also 72-79 Washington Street) (8/11/76)
All Saints Memorial Episcopal Church, 674 Westminster Street (1/7/80)
Burrows Block, 735-45 Westminster Street (9/5/90)
Poirier's Diner, Westminster Street, Providence (7/17/03)
U.S. Customs/Federal Building, 24 Weybosset Street (4/13/72)
Loew's State Theatre/Ocean State Theatre, 220 Weybosset Street (8/19/77)
Beneficent Congregational Church, 300 Weybosset Street (1/13/72)
Corliss-Carrington House, 66 Williams Street (12/8/70) NHL 1971
Susan S. and Edward J. Cutler House, 12 Woodbine Street (4/6/15)

Carolina Village Historic District, following Rhode Island Route 112 from its intersection with Shannock Hill Road on the north to its intersection with Route 91 on the south (Richmond and Charlestown) (5/2/74)
Hillsdale Historic and Archaeological District, Hillsdale Road (11/24/80)
Shannock Village Historic District, Main Street, North Shannock Road and West Shannock Road (Richmond and Charlestown) (8/4/83)
Wyoming Village Historic District, bounded northerly by Old Nooseneck Hill Road and southerly by Rhode Island Route 138, including all of Bridge, Prospect and Aldrich Streets (Hopkinton and Richmond) (5/2/74)
John Hoxsie House/Old Kenyon Farm, east of Rhode Island Route 112 (5/5/78)

Clayville Historic District, bounded by Cole Avenue and Victory Highway in Foster, and Cole Avenue, Field Hill Road, Pleasant Lane and Victory Highway in Scituate (Foster and Scituate) (12/29/88)
Hope Village Historic District, roughly bounded by Hope Furnace Road, Main Street, North Road, and the Pawtuxet River (Scituate and Coventry) (8/8/95)
Smithville/North Scituate Village Historic District, Danielson Pike and West Greenville Road (8/28/79)
Amos Cooke House, Chopmist Hill Road (9/11/80)
Dexter Arnold Farmstead, Chopmist Hill Road (11/25/77)
Andrews-Luther Farm, Elmdale Road (6/19/85)
Old Congregational Church, Greenville Road (1/11/74)
*Millrace Site (RI-1039), Hartford Pike (9/12/85)
*Moswansicut Pond Site (RI-960), Hartford Pike (9/12/85)
*Double L Site (RI-958), Hartford Pike (9/12/85)
*McGonagle Site (RI-1227), Hartford Pike (9/12/85)
Smithville Seminary/Lapham Institute, Institute Lane (3/29/78)
Battey-Barden House, 710 Plainfield Pike (8/29/80)

Georgiaville Historic District, bounded by Farnum Pike, Stillwater Road, Cross Street and Whipple Avenue (10/3/85) | additional documentation (8/24/18)
Waterman-Winsor Farm, 79 Austin Avenue (6/27/80)
Stephen Winsor House, 93 Austin Avenue (10/6/75)
Allenville Mill Company Storehouse, 5 Esmond Street (1/20/72)
Ira B. Sweet House, 38 Esmond Street (1/15/10)
*Woonasquatucket River Site, (RI-163), Farnum Pike (11/1/84)
Angell-Ballou House, 49 Ridge Road (3/18/04)
Smithfield Exchange Bank, 599 Putnam Pike (04/19/06)
St. Thomas Church, Putnam Pike (7/10/87)
Smith-Appleby Farm, Stillwater Road (5/1/74)

Browning's Beach Historic District, Card's Pond Road (9/5/97)
Kingston Village Historic District, both sides of Kingstown Road and Mooresfield Road between Little Rest Road on the west and Kingstown Road on the east; also, sections of adjacent South and North Roads and Potter Lane (5/1/74)
Peace Dale Historic District, Amos, Branch, Brown, Church, Columbia, Green, Kimball, Larkin, Railroad, School and Spring Streets and Broad Rock, Indian Run, Kersey, Kingstown, and North Roads (10/30/87)
*Potter Pond Archaeological District (12/10/87)
University of Rhode Island Historic District (11/9/2017)
Usquepaug Road Historic District, Usquepaug Road (10/30/87)
Wakefield Historic District, roughly bounded by Main and High Street, and Wright Avenue (5/30/96)
Theatre-by-the-Sea, Card Ponds Road (7/10/80)
Hale House, 2625A Commander Oliver Hazard Perry Highway
Willow Dell, 2700 Commander Oliver Hazard Perry Highway (11/21/96)
R.R. Gardner House, 700 Curtis Corner Road (11/21/96)
Fernwood Cemetery (RI-702), Kingstown Road (9/12/85)
Kingstown Railroad Station, Kingstown Road (4/26/78)
Lambda Chi Site (RI-704), Kingstown Road (11/1/84)
Shadow Farm, Kingstown Road (2/7/86)
Isaac Peace Rodman House, 1789 Kingstown Road (4/23/90)
Washington County Courthouse, 3481 Kingstown Road (11/5/92)
William Davis Miller House, 130 Main Street (3/21/85)
Kenyon's Department Store, 344 Main Street (11/5/92)
Admiral Dewey Inn/Dewey Cottage, 668 Matunuck Beach Road (5/7/92)
*Jireh Bull Blockhouse Historic Site (RI-926), Middlebridge Road (11/2/83)
*Ministerial Road Archaeological Site (RI-781), Ministerial Road (11/15/84)
Perry/Carpenter Gristmill, Moonstone Beach Road (3/9/90)
Tootell House, 1747 Mooresfield Road (5/26/00)
Henry Eldred Farm, 368 Old North Road (11/18/91)
Kingston Hill Farm, 549 Old North Road (5/7/93)
Commodore Perry Farm, 184 Post Road (8/26/82)
Red House, 2403 Post Road (11/21/96)
Henry Marchant Farm, South County Trail (8/16/79)
*Bouchard Site (RI-1025), Usquepaug Road (11/1/84)
*Fayerweather Blacksmith Site (RI-701), Usquepaug Road (11/29/84)
*Tappan Site (RI-795), Usquepaug Road (11/1/84)
Cottrell House, 500 Waites Corner Road (11/21/96)

First Baptist Church, 7 Old Stone Church Road (7/30/2013)
Osborn-Bennett Historic District, 1137, 1148, 1168, and 1188 Main Road (12/22/2005)
Tiverton Four Corners Historic District, following Main Road, Rhode Island 77, a short distance north and south of its intersection with East Road and West Road (6/20/74)
Bourne Mill, 844 State Street
Cooke-Bateman Farm, Fogland Road and Puncatest Neck Road (10/11/79)
Fort Barton, Lawton and Highland Avenues (3/7/73)
Joseph Hicks House, 494 Main Road (9/10/79)

Warren Waterfront Historic District, bounded, approximately, by the Warren River on the west and north; Main Street and the railroad right-of-way on the east; and sections of Franklin, Campbell, and Wheaton Streets on the south (2/28/74; expanded 10/2/03)
Warren United Methodist Church/First Methodist Church (and Parsonage amendment), 27 Church Street (8/12/71)

Apponaug Historic District, Post Road (2/23/84) text | images
Buttonwoods Beach Historic District, Buttonwoods, Cove, Cooper and Promenade Avenues, and Greenwich Bay (2/23/84) text | images
East Greenwich Historic District, bounded on the east by Greenwich Cove; on the south by London Street; on the north by Division Street (Warwick and East Greenwich) (4/24/73) text | images
Forge Road Historic District, Forge Road, from Ives Road to the Potowomut River (2/23/84) text | images
Meadows Archaeological District (RI-253), 790 Ives Road (11/3/83)
Pawtuxet Village Historic District, bounded easterly on Narragansett Bay; southerly on the Pawtuxet Cove, Bayside Avenue and South Fair Street; westerly on South Atlantic Avenue; and northerly on the Pawtuxet River and Ocean Avenue (Warwick and Cranston) (4/24/73) text | images
Warwick Civic Center Historic District, Post Road (6/27/80)
Budlong Farm, 595 Buttonwoods Avenue (8/18/83) text | images
Greene-Bowen House, 698 Buttonwoods Avenue (5/2/74)
Caleb Greene House, 15 Centerville Road (11/28/78) text | images
Cowesett Pound, Cowesett Road (9/4/87)
*Lambert Farm Site (RI-269), 287 Cowesset Road (11/3/83)
Knight Estate, 486 East Avenue (2/23/84) text | images
Moses Greene House, 11 Economy Avenue (8/18/83) text | images
*Trafalgar Site (RI-639), southeast corner of Forge Road and Route 1 (11/3/83) text | images
Forge Farm, 40 Forge Road (1/11/74)
Elizabeth Spring, off Forge Road in vicinity of railroad viaduct (8/18/83) text | images
Caleb Gorton House, 987 Greenwich Avenue (8/18/83) text | images
Richard Wickes Greene House, 27 Homestead Avenue (8/18/83) text | images
*Greenwich Cove Site (RI-WK-6), Ives Road (1/4/80)
Pontiac Mills, Knight Street (6/5/72)
Greenwich Mills, 42 Ladd Street (12/20/06)
Oliver Wickes House, 794 Major Potter Road (8/18/83) text | images
Gaspee Point/Namquid (Namquit) Point, reached by Namquid Drive (6/8/72)
Terminal Building, R.I. State Airport, U.S. Weather Service Office, 572 Occupasstuxet Road (8/18/83)
John R. Waterman House, 100 Old Homestead Avenue (8/18/83) text | images
Christopher Rhodes House, 25 Post Road (3/31/71)
Cedar Hill
, 4157 Post Road (12/24/14)
Captain Oliver Gardiner House, 4451 Post Road (8/18/83) text | images
Conimicut Lighthouse, Providence River (east end of Conimicut Point) (3/30/88)
John Waterman Arnold House, 25 Roger Williams Avenue (9/10/71)
Hopelands/Rocky Hill School, Wampanoag Road (8/18/83) text | images
Indian Oaks/Senator Nelson W. Aldrich Estate/Our Lady of Providence Seminary, 836 Warwick Neck Avenue (8/18/83) text | images
Warwick Lighthouse, 1350 Warwick Neck Avenue (3/30/88)
Peter Greene House, 1124 West Shore Road (8/18/83) text | images
Greene-Durffee House, 1272 West Shore Road (8/18/83) text | images
District Four School, 1515 West Shore Road (4/14/97)

West Greenwich Baptist Church and Cemetery, Plain Meeting House Road and Liberty Hill Road (11/28/78)
Hopkins Hollow Village, Hopkins Hollow Road, Narrow Lane, Perry Hill Road (West Greenwich and Coventry) (1/27/10)
Stephen Allen House, Sharp Street (9/10/78)

Crompton Mill Historic District, Remington and Manchester Streets
Centreville Mill, 3 Bridal Avenue (6/10/2005)
St. Mary's Church and Cemetery, Church Street, Crompton (12/21/78)
Silas Clapp House, East Greenwich Avenue (5/7/73)
William B. Spencer House, 11 Fairview Avenue (2/14/12)
Crompton Free Library, Main Street, Crompton (11/20/78)
Lippitt Mill, 825 Main Street (1/11/74)
Royal Mill Complex, 125 Providence Street (4/29/04)
Valley Queen Mill, 200 Providence Street (11/19/83)
West Winds, 300 Wakefield Street (5/20/93)

Bradford Village Historic District, bounded roughly by Bowling Lane, Bradford Road, Church Street, Dorr Street, Douglas Park, Joseph Lane, Knowles Street, Niantic Avenue, North Main Street, Railroad Avenue, South Main Street, and Vars Lane (5/30/96)
Main Street Historic District, short sections of Main and School Streets and adjacent Maple Street (1/9/78)
North End Historic District, bounded roughly by Pierce, Pond, Pearl, High, Friendship, Pleasant, and Canal streets (04/20/06)
Perry Homestead Historic District, 2, 4, 8, 12 and 16 Margin Street; 15 and 17 Beach Street (3/15/2016)
Watch Hill Historic District, bounded roughly by Breen, Watch Hill and East Hill Roads; Block Island sound; Little Narragansett Bay; and Pawcatuck River (9/5/85)
Westerly Downtown Historic District, portions of High, Canal, Broad, Union, and Main Streets, and Railroad Avenue (7/19/84) with boundary increase to include 7 Union Street (11/7/95); boundary increase to include 12 Canal Street (12/19/07)
Wilcox Park Historic District, Wilcox Park (5/7/73)
Flying Horse Carousel, Bay Street (1/11/80) NHL 1987
Nursery Site (RI-273), 130 Franklin Street (11/1/84)
Dr. Joshua Babcock House, 124 Granite Street (7/24/72)
U.S. Post Office, High and Broad Streets (8/12/71)
Immaculate Conception Church, 119 High Street (4/24/84)
Lewis-Card-Perry House, 12 Margin Street (10/04/05)
Westerly Armory, Railroad Avenue (11/7/96)
Weekapaug Inn, 25 Spray Rock Road (1/25/2007)
Ram Point, 77 Watch Hill Road (11/24/15)

Allen Street Historic District, Truman Drive, Blackstone River, Bernon Street, and Court Street Bridge (7/19/90)
Cato Hill Historic District, bounded by Main, Railroad, Arnold and Blackstone Streets, including portions of Cato, Church, Boyden, all of Clarkin Lane and Cato Lane (8/10/76); amendment 11/24/82)
French Worsted Company Mill Historic District (5/21/08)
Island Place Historic District, Market Square to Bernon Pond, below Woonsocket Falls Dam and South Main Street Bridge (7/19/90)
Lafayette Worsted Company Administrative Headquarters Historic District, 134 and 148 Hamlet Avenue, (8/7/17)
Main Street Historic District, Main Street, east of Market Square, Clinton Street, High Street and Court Street (2/21/91)
North End Historic District, Harris Avenue, Winter Street, Summer Street, Spring Street, and Blackstone Street (11/24/82)
South Main Street Historic District, South Main Street and adjacent Ballou, North Ballou, and Coe Streets (11/24/82)
L'Eglise Du Precieux Sang/Precious Blood Church Complex and Chateau Clare, 94 Carrington Avenue and 61 Park Avenue (7/26/82)
Saint Ann's Church Complex, 98 Cumberland Street (11/24/82)
Glenark Mills, 64 East Street (5/15/89)
Alphonse Gaulin, Jr. House, 311 Elm Street (11/24/82)
DeSurmont Worsted Mill, 84 Fairmount Street
St. Andrews Episcopal Chapel/Farrow Temple, 576 Fairmount Street (11/24/82)
Woonsocket District Courthouse, 24 Front Street (11/24/82)
Woonsocket Company/Bernon Mills, 100-115 Front Street (5/7/73)
Grove Street Elementary School, 312 Grove Street (11/24/82)
Smith-Ballou House, 641 Harris Avenue, Woonsocket (6/6/03)
Henry Darling House, 786 Harris Avenue (11/26/82)
Hope Street School, 40 Hope Street (4/14/00)
Logee House, 225 Logee Street (11/24/82)
Hanora (Ballou/Harrison/Lippitt) Mills, 1 Main Street (11/24/82)
Honan's Block, 110-114 Main Street (8/3/89)
Woonsocket City Hall/Harris Institute, 169 Main Street (5/1/74)
U.S. Post Office/Woonsocket Post Office, 295 Main Street (5/30/79)
Stadium Building and Theatre, 329 Main Street (6/30/76)
Woonsocket Civil War Monument, Monument Square (11/24/82)
Linton Block, 3-5 Monument Square (11/24/82)
Saint Charles Borromeo Church Complex, 189-190 North Main Street (2/24/83)
Bernon Worsted Mill, 828 Park Avenue (6/10/2005)
Frank Wilbur House, 1273 Park Avenue (11/24/82)
Woonsocket Senior High and Junior High Schools, 357 Park Place ( 11/6/17)
Pothier House, 172 Pond Street (11/24/82)
John Arnold House, 99 Providence Street (11/24/82)
Harris Warehouse, 61 Railroad Street (7/1/76)
Smithfield Monthly Meeting of Friends Meeting House, Parsonage and Cemetery, 126 Smithfield Road (also called Great Road) (11/24/82)
L'Union Saint Jean-Baptiste d'Amerique, 1 Social Street (3/12/18)
Philmont Worsted Mill, 685 Social Street (04/19/06)
Jenckes Mansion, 837-839 Social Street (11/24/82)
Woonsocket Rubber Company Mill/Falls Yarn, 60-82 South Main Street (5/1/89)
1761 Milestone, 640 South Main Street (11/24/82)

*nomination not available online