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Resources: Restoration Advice

Restoring your historic property?

Start with some online research. The National Park Service Technical Preservation Services for Historic Buildings pages provide a clearinghouse for information, including Preservation Briefs, Preservation Tech Notes, and Electronic Rehab (an online preservation course).

If you are interested in learning more about financial assistance, consult our information about tax credits and loans.

The Easy Guide to Rehab Standards (1992) is helpful for property owners who are considering chages to a historic building and needs help in planning and carrying out the project.

Guide to Lead Safety in Historic Buildings in Rhode Island (2007) is a one-stop resource for all Rhode Islanders who want to ensure the safety, character, and value of their historic buildings. This publication compiles steps to follow in planning a renovation project, resources on lead safety and historic buildings, contact information for state and local agencies, a glossary of terms, state laws and regulations, and funding sources.

If you have a question for one of our staff preservation architects, email Virginia Hesse or call her at (401) 222-4135, or email Roberta Randall or call her at (401) 222-4333.