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Resources: Preservation Library


Gen. Leavenworth House, Syracuse, NY: an example of a Georgian house plan

The Preservation Library is a collection of reference materials for homeowners and others who are interested in learning more about historic preservation. The Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission worked with the Pawtucket Public Library, the Preservation Society of Pawtucket, and Woonsocket's Harris Public Library to assemble a list of helpful books, articles, and guides for preservation. The books are available at locations throughout the state.

An annotated bibliography divides the materials into six major categories. Select the category that pertains to your needs to view a list of books.

Catalogs and Carpenter's Guides
These general references provide a wide range of information on different preservation topics.

Researching the Style and History of a Building
Learn how to identify your building's architectural style, and how to research its history. Try to determine how your house looked originally, how it has changed over the years, and what materials and finishes are appropriate to its age and style.

Diagnosing the Condition of a Building
Planning and Carrying Out Your Project
Consult these books to plan major repair/rehabilitation work or if you are in the midst of such a project and need further information about a specific area such as porch or window repair.

Decorative Finishes and Gardens for the Old House
This section includes books on gardens, wallpapers, fabrics, lighting fixtures, and paint colors for old houses.

Handling Special Problems
Here you will find books on lead abatement, moving buildings, graffiti removal, and handicap accessibility.

Living in a Historic Neighborhood
Preservation in the Community

Learn about the history of preservation, preservation legislation, and different types of preservation programs offered by non-profit organizations.