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Resources: Historic Coastal Communities and Flood Hazard

brownings beach
After Hurricane Sandy: Brownings Beach, Matunuck, R.I.

"Historic Coastal Communities and Flood Hazard: A Preliminary Evaluation of Impacts to Historic Properties" (2015) identifies Rhode Island’s historic communities at greatest risk from coastal flooding, and it evaluates available responses to coastal flooding risks, including: the National Flood Insurance Program, FEMA and state coastal regulations, and resilient design. The study was commissioned by the City of Newport and funded by the Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission through the federal Certified Local Government Grants program.

Historic Coastal Communities Report (pdf) | Appendices (pdf)

The project was intended to address a number of key questions:
1) How many Rhode Island coastal historic properties are affected by flood regulations?
2) What is the value of property that may be impacted by flood regulations in Newport?
3) Are there key coastal historic properties and districts that may be impacted by flood regulations?
4) What is the current regulatory climate for coastal flood hazards?
5) Is there useful information from case study review?
6) Are there examples of cities and towns in Rhode Island with flood regulation programs, and what has their experience been?
7) What resources are available for further study?