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National Register: Information for Property Owners

double gambrel house
The Major Benjamin Taylor House (c.1789) is part of the Hopkinton City Historic District, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 1, 1974

The Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission offers practical assistance help owners preserve and protect the real value of their historic properties.

The federal income tax credit is a 20% investment tax credit for rehabilitating commercial, industrial, and residential rental buildings listed on the National Register.

Low-interest loans may be available through the RIHPHC's Revolving Fund which lends to owners of properties and to communities at reduced rates.

For restoration advice, contact Virginia Hesse at (401) 222-4135 or Roberta Randall at (401) 222-4333.

National Register listing provides protection only when public funds or government licenses are involved. The RIHPHC conducts review of federal and state projects which might impact National Register properties.

For more general information about the role and rights of property owners and the effects of National Register listing, please visit the following pages on the National Park Service website:

National Register of Historic Places Program: Fundamentals
My Property's Important to America's Heritage, What Does That Mean: Answers to Questions for Owners of Historic Properties