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National Register: Historic Homeowner's Nomination

A fine example of a Colonial Revival-style house

Nomination of your historic house to the National Register of Historic Places can be an exciting process with rewarding outcomes. Not only is listing in the National Register a great honor, but owner-occupants of listed houses may be eligible for state tax credits and low-interest loans for preservation projects. Listing in the National Register also provides protection for your property when publicly funded or licensed projects occur in your neighborhood. Owners of National Register properties are not obliged to restore them or maintain them, if they choose not to do so.

RIHPHC has developed a streamlined process for National Register nominations for historic houses. The Historic Homeowner's Nomination was created especially for owners of single-family houses who live in their own house. For this program, we cannot accept applications for multi-family houses or from applicants who have their primary residence elsewhere. Interested owners will supply us with a checklist of information about their house, and we will convert the information into a short nomination form, to be considered by the Rhode Island Review Board.

If you think that your house is historic, and you want to have it listed in the National Register so that you are eligible for homeowner tax credits, please consider participation in this program. Don’t know if your house is eligible? Most of the individual houses listed in the National Register qualify because they are good, well preserved examples of a particular architectural style or period. RIHPHC has published information about historic buildings in every community. You can check the information for your community on this website to see if your house was recommended for listing when the survey was completed. If your house was not recommended, it may still be eligible. You can look at other houses that are recommended to see if yours is similar in age, style, or state of preservation.

Click here to download the Historic Homeowner's Nomination as a word form or a pdf document.
For more information, please email Jeffrey Emidy or call him at (401)222-4134.