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National Register

gloria dei
Gloria Dei Evangelical Lutheran Church in Providence, was entered on the National Register in 1984. (Photo: Warren Jagger)

The National Register of Historic Places is the federal government's official list of properties that are significant in American history and worthy of preservation. Properties listed in the National Register include individual buildings, historic districts, and archaeological sites.

Rhode Island properties listed in the National Register include colonial houses, farms, Victorian neighborhoods, factory villages, diners, monuments, military bases, seacoast villages, suburban neighborhoods, and more. These properties are an important legacy which enriches the lives of all Rhode Islanders.

Rhode Island also has its own State Register of Historic Places. The criteria for inclusion in the State Register are the same as those for the National Register.

You can view a list of Rhode Island properties on the National Register, catch up on new and proposed listings, review Questions and Answers about the National Register, learn about assistance for owners of National Register properties, or try out the RI-National Register Property Search--a searchable database of more than 19,000 listed structures, buildings, and sites in the State of Rhode Island. .