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News: Request for Proposals

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Preserve Rhode Island, a nonprofit organization located at 957 North Main Street, Providence, RI
02904, will receive proposals for a consultant to provide assistance administering Hurricane Sandy
Disaster Relief Grants for historic properties.

1. Authority
This project is jointly sponsored by Preserve Rhode Island (PRI) and the Rhode Island Historical
Preservation and Heritage Commission (RIHPHC), a state agency located at 150 Benefit Street,
Providence, RI 02903. Funds for the project are made available by the U.S. Department of the
Interior, National Park Service, under a Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Grant administered by the
RIHPHC. Preserve Rhode Island and the RIHPHC will jointly select a consultant for the project. All
work will be performed in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic
Preservation Projects and in accordance with regulations of the National Park Service for
administration of the Historic Preservation Fund (NPS-49).

2. Project Funds
There is a total of $35,285 in federal grant funds available for consultant services, including $5,000 for documented expenses such as mileage.

3. Background
PRI and RIHPHC are engaged in administering federal Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Grants for
historic properties that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

4. Scope of Services
PRI will engage a consultant to provide information and assistance to applicants for grants and
following selection by RIHPHC to grantees, including preparation of application forms and proposed
scopes-of-work, eligibility of costs for reimbursement, procurement and selection of contractors,
documentation of work performed and costs incurred, the grantee reimbursement process,
preparation of grantee final project reports, coordination with RIHPHC grant project review staff,
preparation of quarterly progress reports for the National Park Service, biweekly status updates for
PRI and RIHPHC, a final project report for RIHPHC, and other related work.

All work performed by the consultant shall be in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s
Standards for Historic Rehabilitation and Standards for Preservation Planning.

The consultant will be an independent contractor and will not be an employee of PRI or RIHPHC.
The consultant will meet with the PRI and RIHPHC staff as needed. In addition to professional office
work, the work will involve site visits to grant projects and meetings with grantees and with RIHPHC
staff. The PRI may assign the consultant to perform work in the offices of the RIHPHC.

5. Work Products
The products for this project will be technical assistance provided to applicants and grantees, grants
administration files and forms, individual project notifications, quarterly and final project reports
prepared in accordance with the requirements of the RIHPHC and the National Park Service, and
biweekly status reports to PRI and RIHPHC.

6. Project Schedule
The consultant will begin work on or before November 13, 2013. It is expected that the consultant will provide the equivalent of 20 hours work per week until November 13, 2014 (1,040 hours of work over 12 months). It is likely that more than one-half of the work will occur during the first six months and that some reduction in the amount of effort required will occur during months 7 through 12. PRI and RIHPHC reserve the right to reduce or terminate the project at any time if in their sole judgment the work does not achieve desired results or in order to take into account changed circumstances.

7. Qualifications
The consultant will submit a statement of his/her qualifications to perform the above services,
sufficient to meet the requirements of the federal “Professional Qualification Standards” of 36CFR61.
The following knowledge and experience is considered desirable
• Knowledge of federal and state historic preservation programs, standards, and guidelines.
• Experience working in grants management.
• Facility in the use of computer technology, particularly Excel spreadsheets and Access
• Ability to work cooperatively and successfully with property owners and PRI and RIHPHC staff.
• Excellent writing and oral communication skills.
• Ability to work independently.
• Ability to engage in site visits to historic properties requiring physical stamina and access to
private transportation.

The consultant will be selected on the basis of related work experience, availability and ability to
produce the work product within the time frame required, and references. The consultant may not
subgrant this project, nor any part of the project without prior written permission of PRI and RIHPHC.

8. Submission Deadline: November 1, 2013 or until a consultant is selected.

Send proposals by Email to the following address:
Valerie Talmage, Executive Director
Preserve Rhode Island

And Email a copy to:
Edward Sanderson, Executive Director
RI Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission

9. Rejection of Proposals
PRI reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.

For additional information or questions about this request for proposals contact Valerie Talmage or Edward Sanderson or call 401-222-4130.