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Ocean House The Economics of Historic Preservation: Registration is Open
RIHPHC presents the 32nd Annual R.I. Statewide Historic Preservation Conference in Westerly and Charlestown on Saturday, April 29. Visit the conference website to review program choices and register. Online registration closes on April 17. (3/17/17) press release
ashton village

State Announces $57,900 in Grants for Local Preservation Programs
The R.I. Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission has announced its intention to award six grants totaling about $57,900 to local historic preservation programs. Grants to Cumberland, Newport, North Kingstown, and Providence will support a variety of local preservation activities, including development of design guidelines for two historic districts, a statewide economic study, installation of educational signage, an architectural assessment for a historic library, and the annual statewide historic preservation conference. (2/16/17) press release

grants event State Announces $3.8 million in Capital Grants for Arts, Culture, Heritage, and Public Historic Sites
Historic Linden Place, site of a historic house museum and the Bristol Art Museum, hosted the State’s announcement of the latest State Cultural Facilities Grant and State Preservation Grant recipients. The State has awarded close to $3.8 million for capital preservation work at 33 museums, cultural art centers, and public historic sites around the state. Together, the projects represent $16,736,891 worth of construction activity. The awards include 15 State Preservation Grants administered by the R.I. Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission. (1/19/17) press release + photos
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National Park Service Grant for Rhode Island Civil Rights Project
The National Park Service has announced a $49,557.76 grant to the Rhode Island Historical Society, working in partnership with the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society and Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission, for a multi-phase project focusing on African Americans' struggle for Civil Rights in Rhode Island during the 20th century. The team aims to identify new primary source materials, establish a comprehensive study of the state’s 20th-century Civil Rights history, compile a survey report and recommendations for National Register listing, and assemble educational materials to share the findings. (1/13/17) press release

Ocean House The Economics of Historic Preservation : Save the Date for R.I.'s Preservation Conference
RIHPHC presents the 32nd Annual R.I. Statewide Historic Preservation Conference in Westerly and Charlestown on Saturday, April 29. The program will be available by early March. Visit the conference website for more information. (1/11/17)