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Grants: State Preservation Grants

The 2015 slate of State Preservation Grants was recently announced. Visit the 2015 State Preservation Grants page for more information.

The State Preservation Grants application materials from 2015 presented below may be useful for reference purposes. If you are interested in applying for a 2016, check this website in May.

SPG Application Guidelines (.pdf format)

SPG Application Form (fillable .pdf format)
Important! Open the Application Form, and then save a copy to your computer immediately. If you begin working on the form before you save a copy, the data will be lost.

SPG Application Checklist (.pdf format)

SPG Evaluation Information (.pdf format) (revised 7/8/15)

SPG Q & A (.pdf format)
Questions and answers from the June 3, 2015 Informational Session

SPG Procedures for grantees (revised 2/18/16)

In 2015, RIHPHC made minor revisions to the existing SPG Rules and Regulations. The new Rules and Regulations were submitted to the Secretary of State on July 20 and will take effect on August 9, 2015.

If you don't have a .pdf reader, click the button below to get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader:

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Program background:
In 2002, 2004, and 2014, Rhode Island voters approved bond issues to fund a historic preservation grant program operated by the Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission (“RIHPHC” or “the Commission”) to fund capital preservation for renovation projects at public historic sites, museums, and cultural art centers located in historic structures in the State of Rhode Island.

The State Preservation Grants Program was created because state lawmakers and voters recognized that many significant properties controlled by public agencies and non-profit organizations need extensive repairs or restoration; that it is essential to preserve landmarks that embody our heritage; and that arts, culture, and civic organizations face unique challenges in updating their historic facilities for new audiences and programs. Preserving these particular landmarks—theatres, museums, concert halls, dance spaces, art centers, public historic sites—contributes to the quality of life in Rhode Island and insures that our arts, culture, and civic facilities continue to inspire new generations. Moreover, historic preservation creates jobs, stimulates tourism, educates us about the past, revitalizes our downtowns and neighborhoods, and combats sprawl in rural places.

The State Preservation Grants Program is a matching grant program. It promotes careful planning for the restoration, rehabilitation, and preservation of a variety of historic resources around the state. Through its matching requirements, the program stimulates broader support and participation in historic preservation projects statewide.

Between 2003 and 2007, RIHPHC ran five grant rounds and awarded $6 million to 86 sites in 27 cities and towns. The RIHPHC expects to hold three grant rounds in 2015-17 to award $5 million.

For technical assistance with the Application Form, email Katherine Jurczyk, or call her at (401)222-4131.

For general questions about State Preservation Grants, email Sarah Zurier, or call her at (401)222-4142.