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Annual Conference - Registration

Download a Registration form as a pdf file, or print this page.

The deadline for registration by mail has passed. If you would like to attend the conference, you may register on-site on April 21 at the Beacon Charter High School for the Arts, 320 Main Street, starting at 8:15am. Conference registration costs $40, payable by check or in cash. To save time, bring a completed copy of the registration form with you.

Enter your 1st and 2nd choices for each session. For example, "A5" next to "1st choice."
The following tours and sessions are SOLD OUT: A4, A8, A9, B7, B8, B9.

Spaces for tours and some sessions are limited and will be filled in the order that registrations are received. We cannot guarantee that everyone will be accommodated in the tour or session that they choose. We will notify you about your sessions by mail or email within a week of receipt of your registration.

EACH PERSON must complete a separate form. Please print clearly.


1st choice ___
1st choice ___
1st choice ___
2nd choice ___ 2nd choice ___ 2nd choice ___



Mailing address ____________________________________


Day phone______________evening phone________________


{ } If you have a disability, please check here AND call Janet at 401-732-1009 so that we may accommodate you.
{ } I plan to attend the closing reception. { }I request a vegetarian lunch
{ } AIA member number _________ { }RIAPA member

I learned about the conference by:

{ } mailing { } website { } word of mouth { } newsletter ___________
{ }newspaper ____________ { } e-news _____________________________________
{ }other ________________________

Date received _______________________
{ }
cash { } check or money order # ______________