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My favorite building is threatened. What do I do, and where do I start?
Start by contacting your municipal planning department; your local historical and preservation societies; and Preserve Rhode Island. Confirm if the building is located on the National Register of Historic Places or in a local historic district

Can I get a sign for my historic building?

RIHPHC does not produce signs for historic buildings. Contact your local preservation or historical society, or email Jeffrey Emidy or call him at (401)222-4134 for a list of sign makers. 

How do I get approval for work on my historic building?
First, identify who is requiring approval and under what rules.  Typically, this is the local Historic District Commission if your neighborhood is governed by historic district zoning. Call your local planning department or building official. If you are applying for an RIHPHC incentive (tax credits, loans, etc.), you will need RIHPHC approval.

What are the benefits if my building is on the National Register?
Listing on the National Register recognizes the historic and architectural importance of your property, protects it from certain state and federal projects, and may qualify you for loans and tax credits.
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What are the restrictions if my building is on the National Register?
Listing on the National Register does not restrict the property owner unless state or federal funding or licensing is involved. Local historic district zoning may restrict certain changes you make to the building's exterior; check with your local historic district commission or planning department. 

Where can I get financial help to fix up my historic building?
Visit our pages on tax credits and loans.  

Where do I find a preservation architect, contractor, or engineer?
Contact one of the RIHPHC architects, Virginia Hesse (401-222-4135) or Roberta Randall (401-222-4333) for guidance on choosing a preservation architect, contractor, or engineer.

A local cemetery is threatened. How can I help?
Visit our Cemetery Resources page.

I am researching someone buried in an RI cemetery.  Where do I find more information?
Visit our Cemetery Resources page.

How do I apply for a job or internship at RIHPHC?
Contact the Rhode Island Office of Personnel Administration about employment.  Contact the Rhode Island State Government Internship Program about summer internships. 

Are there grants available for historic preservation?
There will be three State Preservation Grants rounds for capital preservation projects at museums, cultural art centers, and public historic sites in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Certified Local Government grants are available for local preservation planning projects; applications are typically available in the fall and due in December.

How do I get a copy of an RIHPHC publication?  
All titles are available on our website for free downloading and printing. A few copies of select printed publications are still available, too. Check RIHPHC's list, then bookstores (new & used) and historical societies. You can find copies at libraries, historical societies, and government offices.

Do you have plans for my historic building?
Historic architectural plans are exceptionally rare. We have a limited number of plans, but only for some recent projects that required our review. If you know the architect of the building, we can tell you likely places to look. The largest collections of architectural plans are found in the Graphics Department at the Library of the Rhode Island Historical Society and (for Providence) in the City Archives.

Where can I do historical research on Rhode Island topics?
The Rhode Island Historical Society Library, Rhode Island State Archives, Rhode Island State Library, and Newport Historical Society are outstanding resources. Local libraries, town archives, and university libraries can be excellent sources, too. If you are researching a particular Rhode Island building, you may email Jeffrey Emidy or call him at (401)222-4134 for information from RIHPHC files. 

Can I apply for a Rhode Island Historic Homeowner Tax Credit?
No, this tax credit program is no longer available.

Do you give walking tours of Providence?  Of Newport? 
The Providence Preservation Society and Rhode Island Historical Society offer walking tours of Providence.  The Newport Historical Society offers walking tours of Newport.