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About the Commission: RIHPHC Members

J. Michael Abbott, AIA
Mr. Abbott is an architect with over thirty years professional experience with historic rehabilitation and adaptive reuse projects.

Tripp Evans
Dr. Evans is an Architectural Historian who teaches at Wheaton College.

Morgan Grefe
Historian.  Dr. Grefe is the Executive Director, Rhode Island Historical Society.

Tanya Kelley
Landscape Historian.  Ms. Kelley is a landscape designer with more than 30 years of experience.  She is a member of Newport’s Washington Square Advisory Committee.

E. Pierre Morenon, Ph.D.
Dr. Morenon teaches Anthropology at Rhode Island College. His research has spanned from pre-European archaeology to study of recent immigrants.

Clark Schoettle
Mr. Schoettle is the executive director of the Providence Revolving Fund that offers financial and technical assistance to historic rehabilitation projects.

Lucie Searle
Public Member.  Ms. Searle has managed historic rehabilitation projects and is a past president of the Providence Preservation Society.

John Smith
Museologist.  Mr. Smith is the director of the RISD Museum.

Ruth Taylor
Anthropologist & Historian.  Ms. Taylor is the executive director of the Newport Historical Society that has a library and archives, museum collections, and operates several historic sites.


Parag Agrawal (ex officio)
Associate Director, Dept. of Administration, Division of Planning
Represented by Kevin Nelson   

Janet Coit (ex officio)
Director, Department of Environmental Management
Represented by Lisa Primiano

Darin Early (ex officio)
Chief Operating Officer, Commerce RI    

John P. Leyden (ex officio)
State Building Code Commissioner
Represented by Al Cocce, AIA

Edward F. Sanderson (ex officio)
State Historic Preservation Officer

In addition to Commissioners Abbott, Evans, Grefe, Kelley, Morenon, Schoettle, Searle, Smith, and Taylor, Michael Hebert serves as a member of the National Register Professional Review Board:

Michael Hebert
Mr. Hebert is an archaeologist and Supervising Historic Preservation specialist at the R.I. Department of Transportation.